The seed industry is committed to transparency.

September 26, 2022 – Seeds Canada is the leading voice of the Canadian seed sector, representing seed growers, analysts, breeders, distributors, processors, retailers, service providers and all stakeholders along the seed value chain from coast to coast. Seeds Canada’s mandate is to support the growth of the seed sector, including the delivery of organic certifications.

Seeds Canada understands the importance of transparency to support the diversity of production systems and maintain market access. We recognize that the organic sector needs to know which varieties grown in Canada have been edited gene-edited to meet their certification requirements.

With support from our members, Seeds Canada is expanding existing transparency systems by creating a public database that will make it easy for farmers, members of the value chain, and the public to identify which varieties were developed using gene editing. This database is in addition to the continued transparency farmers will have at the retail level through company-specific materials and informational tools, such as provincial seed guides. The database will be accessible on our website,, and will adapt as the needs of the industry evolve.

Industry-led transparency efforts such as these have supported the successful co-existence of organic, conventional and genetically modified crops for almost 30 years. We are happy to provide the same transparency for gene editing, enabling farmer and consumer choice while supporting the development of genetic innovations that can help Canada’s agriculture sector mitigate and adapt to climate change, develop new market opportunities, and remain competitive globally.


Seeds Canada is the leading voice of the seed sector in Canada, with members including analysts, breeders, distributors, processors, seed growers and other contributors to the industry, located from coast to coast. Seed is the vital first link in the agriculture value chain, contributing over $6 billion to the economy, employing more than 63,000 Canadians, and exporting more than $700 million annually.

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