Plant Breeders' Rights

Since 2015, all new seed varieties submitted for PBR are protected under the new legislation. These varieties carry the PBR 91 symbol. All varieties granted protection under the PBR prior to February 27, 2015 carry the original PBR symbol.

Is a seed variety that you developed protected under Plant Breeders Rights? Anyone interested in protecting a new plant variety under Plant Breeders’ Rights must first apply for those rights from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The owner of a variety will be granted a Plant Breeders’ Right if it can be demonstrated that the variety is:

  • New
  • Distinct
  • Uniform
  • Stable

Seeds Canada hosts a PBR database to assist stakeholders along the value chain identify PBR protection on crop varieties registered for sale in Canada. The information contained in this database is provided for general information purposes only.

For more information, please visit our PBR Fast Facts or contact Lauren Comin.