Seeds Canada to Move Forward with SRM Stakeholder Summit

NOV 24, 2021 – Seeds Canada has identified a need for additional input concerning stakeholder requirements for a future seed system and looks forward to initiating a Summit that would bring together all value chain participants impacted by the Seeds Regulations. 

There is broad agreement that a review of the regulatory framework is required as the last major review of the regulatory framework was completed in 1996. 

“The review, led by CFIA, is much appreciated and very much needed,” noted Ellen Sparry, Seeds Canada President. “We do, however, believe that an overall vision for the sector’s future and the producers’ needs and realities must be more clearly understood to ensure we are putting the right tools in place. What would best enable our customers and in turn, our businesses? What system would best deliver seed innovation and support advancement today and beyond? A full regulatory review is unlikely to occur again for quite some time, so we need to get this right,” added Sparry.

The intention behind the Summit would be to assess the current regulatory environment and ask stakeholders, “What do you need from a modernized seed system in Canada”. This insight will inform a Seed Regulatory Modernization Vision and the regulatory review process. Discussions will be framed around themes addressing key components of an innovative, competitive, and end-user friendly Canadian seed system. Seeds Canada will keep stakeholders apprised of Summit plans as they develop.

If you have any questions or would like to confirm your participation in this conversation, please contact Seeds Canada’s Executive Director, Barry Senft, at


Seeds Canada is the leading voice of the seed sector in Canada, with members including analysts, breeders, distributors, processors, seed growers and other contributors to the industry, located from coast to coast. Seed is the vital first link in the agriculture value chain, contributing over $6 billion to the economy, employing more than 63,000 Canadians, and exporting more than $700 million annually.

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