Seeds Canada Congratulates Liberal Government on its Return to Office

OTTAWA, SEPTEMBER 22 – Seeds Canada would like to congratulate Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberal party on its re-election.

“The Canadian seed sector is a key driver of our country’s economic growth and a significant source for food security and climate change mitigation solutions. Continued investment, research, and a proper regulatory framework should be a key priority for the new government,” said Seeds Canada President Ellen Sparry. “It all starts with seed, and quality seed and varieties are a vital resource for the challenges we face today. We look forward to working with the Liberal party – and all decision makers – to help Canada’s seed sector thrive for the benefit of all Canadians,” noted Sparry.

Sparry added that “Farmers, seed growers, analysts, breeders, distributors, processors and all those along the seed value chain are calling on decision makers to prioritize and maximize the potential of the seed sector as an economic driver and partner in climate change solutions.”

Seeds Canada will be continuing its conversations with decision makers across all federal parties on priority items for the sector, ranging from seed regulatory modernization and plant breeding rights to climate change mitigation and technological advancements for environmental sustainability.

Seeds Canada is the leading voice of the seed sector in Canada, with members including analysts, breeders, distributors, processors, seed growers and other contributors to the industry, located from coast to coast. Seed is the vital first link in the agriculture value chain, contributing over $6 billion to the economy, employing more than 63,000 Canadians, and exporting more than $700 million annually.

For more information:
Jessica Goodfellow
Director of Communications