Seed & Agriculture Industry Partners Host Seed Summit 2022

JANUARY 17, 2022 — The Summit, initiated by Seeds Canada and presented in collaboration with partners along the agricultural value chain, welcomes all stakeholders and users of seed to join the sessions – February 7,14, and 22 – to discuss the future of the seed regulatory system in Canada. To date, the Seed Summit 2022 partners include: Cereals Canada, Canola Council of Canada, Canadian Canola Growers Association, Canadian Horticultural Council, Western Canadian Wheat Growers, Soy Canada, Grains Farmers of Ontario, and the Ontario Agri-Business Association. Partners of the Summit agree that the conversation about regulatory change needs to include all users of the seed system.  

Canada’s seed regulatory system has not seen significant change in decades and the Seed Regulatory Modernization process is a once in a generation opportunity to influence positive change. How seed is grown, processed, and sold has changed profoundly and now is the time to ensure the regulatory framework reflects this too. It is vital that these changes reflect today’s realities and support future advancements. The Summit has been organized to help understand what those changes need to be. The discussions will help build a foundation for input and recommendations regarding what is needed by asking questions, such as: “What do growers and end users need from the seed system in Canada?”; “Is the current system supporting innovation and advancement?”; “What role should government play in the relationship between seed seller and seed buyer?”. Over the course of the three sessions, Summit attendees will  hear from a range of speakers who will delve further into these issues and open the discussion to the stakeholders and participants.

The seed sector cannot address these issues alone – nor should it as stakeholders along the value chain are all impacted by regulatory changes – which is why the Summit is encouraging all stakeholders to collaborate in helping shape the future of the seed sector and the sustainability of Canadian agriculture by ensuring we have the regulatory framework in place to do so.    

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