Corn Hybrid database

This is the most comprehensive compilation of corn hybrids available in Canada.

In addition to listing the hybrid number and brand it includes information on:

  • Corn Heat Units
  • GM events present (if any)
  • Related conventional hybrid (for GM varieties)
  • Whether the hybrid is entered in performance trials
  • Whether the hybrid is approved in the European Union (replaces the Market Choices list)
  • It also includes the technology brand name and refuge requirements. Where there is a refuge requirement, clicking on the hybrid name will bring up a refuge map

Pbr Database

This database was created with the assistance of the Canadian Food Inspection’s Variety Registration Office, and the Plant Breeders’ Rights Office (PBR Office). The intent is to assist stakeholders identify PBR protection on crop varieties registered for sale in Canada.

The information contained in this database is provided for general information purposes only. Every effort has been made to ensure the information is accurate, current and reliable, however, recent updates, corrections and changes may not be included.

Please contact the Canadian Food Inspection’s Variety Registration Office or the Plant Breeders’ Rights Office with specific questions pertaining to variety registration and plant breeders’ rights status.

Users can search by crop kind, variety name and by the type of PBR protection but using the search boxes below. We have chosen to identify the type of PBR protection with certification marks.

Please click here to view the PBR Database.