Winter Tour 2023

Membership & Client Services Winter Tour

Barry Senft, Executive Director, Krista Erickson, Director of Member Strategy and Solutions, and Roy van Wyk, Director of Client Strategy and Solutions will be touring Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Ontario throughout January. Barry will also be visiting Quebec in February.

They will meet with members and clients, both current and potential new ones to update them on our current membership and client programs and services. These grassroots meetings will help us gain insight into our members’ and clients’ needs to improve our current programs and services and develop new initiatives for the coming year.

Here is our itinerary:
  • Jan. 9 – 11 Winnipeg
  • Jan. 12 – 13 Saskatoon
  • Jan. 16 – 17  Calgary
  • Jan. 18 – 19 Edmonton
  • Jan. 23 – 24 London
  • Jan. 24 – 25 Guelph
  • Feb. 16 – 17  Quebec City

We look forward to meeting with you as we work to develop and improve our programs and services







If you would like to schedule a meeting, please contact Kristen at









Check back often for updates and highlights!