Seed Summit 2022

Help Craft a Vision for the Future of Seed in Canada

What do producers and end-users need from Canada’s seed system? How do we encourage more innovation and growth? What role should government play? The Summit delved into these topics and more.  

Attendess joined SEED SUMMIT 2022 for three virtual, free-of-charge sessions of engaging discussion to explore solutions for meaningful change.  Organizers welcomed all stakeholders and users of seed. Results from the summit will be documented and offered as a resource to inform the Seed Regulatory Modernization (SRM) process, which is ongoing. 

The SRM process is a once-in-a-generation occasion – a unique opportunity to shape the future of seed in Canada. Now is the time to influence changes to how seed is grown, processed, certified, and distributed in Canada. 

Sessions Were held over a three-week period, each with a different theme:

All sessions are now available for viewing. Click on the links below to view the recording for each session. 

Seed summit partners: