Become a Member!


Seeds Canada is a member-driven organization. Member engagement and participation is critical. All members will have the opportunity to participate in committees and serve on the Board of Directors. All members will have an equal voice at the table, regardless of size, and will work together on behalf of Canada’s seed sector.


Seeds Canada membership is voluntary and offered in three classes:

  1. Business Class: members that derive revenue from activities along the seed industry value chain (i.e., seed companies, seed growers, distributors, developers, service providers, seed labs)

  2. Affiliate Class: public and not-for-profit institutions that represent segments or regions of the seed sector. (i.e., provincial seed associations, universities, international associations)

  3. Professional Class: members that are individual professionals who provide support and/or quality assurance services (i.e., seed analysts, LSCI, graders, etc.)


Membership fees for existing members of the 4 organizations will be transferred into Seeds Canada and will not increase. New members will be required to apply for membership and pay a fee set by the Board of Directors. A full fee review will be completed before February 1, 2022.