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Bringing four national seed associations together.

Uniting under the Seeds Canada banner will result in a stronger lobbying voice for the seed sector and enhanced services for members and clients. The value of Seeds Canada goes far beyond just creating a streamlined national organization, it also includes:
  • Best-in-class member and client services
  • Excellence in professional development for members
  • Strengthened industry competitiveness
  • Shaping a globally recognized industry that grows and innovates in every region and all segments of the value chain.

How We Help

The purpose of Seeds Canada is to:

  • Be the leading voice and resource for Canada’s seed sector;
  • Develop and advocate for policies that assist the members to remain competitive in both domestic and international markets; and encourage collaboration, innovation, equal opportunity, continued investment and trade in the seed sector;
  • Provide efficient, effective and timely client and member services for seed quality assurance, standards and other services that improve the competitiveness of the seed sector;
  • Raise the proficiency and competency of its members through professional development; and
  • Promote a competitive framework of intellectual property protection
Member-Based Services

Services exclusive to members of Seeds Canada such as communications, regulatory affairs, professional development programming and advocacy.

Client-Based Services

Services associated with seed industry regulation or operation and non-seed services such as organic certification. Services will be provided on a cost-recovery basis, paid for by the user (i.e., not subsidized by membership fees).

Corporate Services

Services including human resources, financial services, Board governance and IM/IT.

Meet the Seeds Canada board.

Seeds Canada’s governance structure emphasizes diversity, inclusivity, and democracy. Directors will be elected by business class members. Any members in good standing in any of the three membership classes can stand for election. The Board will not have set positions representing regional or value chain segments. A skills matrix will be used to ensure the broad, overall representation of the industry.

2021 Executive Committee:
  • President: Ellen Sparry, C&M Seeds
  • Vice President: Eric McLean, JS Henry & Son Ltd
  • Annie Bergeron, Les Grains Semtech
  • Holly Gelech, SGS Canada
  • Quentin Martin, Cribit Seeds
2021 Directors:
  • Philippe Charlebois, Semican
  • Georges Chaussé, Sollio Agriculture
  • Chris Churko, FP Genetics
  • Brent Collins, BASF
  • Dianne Gilhuly, Kent Agri Lab
  • Monica Klaas, Alberta Seed Processors Association
  • Jeff Loessin, Corteva
  • Jeff Reid, SeCan
  • Jim Wilson, Wilson Seeds Ltd.
  • Nick Sekulic, Prestville Farms
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